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Relating to Covenants and Restrictions


Effective Date: 07/01/2017 12:00 am

Summary: Specifies situations in which county/municipality may use its police powers to amend/release/terminate certain development permit documents; prohibits county/municipality from delegating its police powers to third parties in certain instances; authorizes certain parcel owners of a community not subject to a homeowners' association to use specified procedures to revive certain covenants or restrictions; revises interests & rights protected by filing for record within specified timeframe; revises & provides provisions relating to covenants/restrictions, including extinguishment, validity of notice, length of time certain covenants/restrictions are preserved, filing of notices, notice content requirements, requirements of property associations, & validity & enforceability of covenants & restrictions.

Sponsor(s): Edwards

CS-Sponsor(s): Civil Justice & Claims Subcommittee