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Budgeting and Reserves

Budgeting and Reserves Provider #0000811 | Course #9627704 | 2 CE Credits (2 ELE or 2 IFM) Presented by: Kevin L. Edwards, Esq. Come join us and learn...

Top 5 Things Boards Need to Know

Top 5 Things Boards Need to Know Provider #0000811 | Non-Credited Presented by: Becker, Risk Strategies Company, KW Property Management & Consulting and Crossroads Investigations Becker                                                              ...

How To Properly Run An Election

FOR MANAGERS!   How To Properly Run An Election  Provider #0000811 | Course #9626651 | 1 CE Credit (1 HR or 1 ELE) Presented by: Lilliana M. Farinas-Sabogal, Esq. Participants...