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Summer Survey – Results

This is your chance to have your voice heard. Positive legislation is best supported by bringing valuable data to your public policymakers. Towards that end, CALL has created a series of surveys in advance of the 2020 Legislative session that are on topics of great importance to community associations throughout Florida. We hope that you will take a moment to complete these surveys and to urge your neighboring communities to do so as well.

The results from our survey series will be shared with all respondents, policymakers, and the media. The CALL Summer Survey Series has concluded.

To view the results click below.

A Match Made in Heaven or Hell? Airbnb and Your Community
Helpful or Harmful? Emotional Support Animals in Your Community
Hiring your own Public Adjuster


As many of you may know, SB 824 sponsored by Senator Diaz, would have made it much more difficult if not impossible for your private residential community to restrict or prohibit short-term rental activity on internet platforms like Airbnb. While that bill did not pass the Florida Legislature, we have every expectation that Airbnb and similar companies will push for a reboot in the 2020 Legislative Session.

As such, it is important to provide our public policymakers with real data about how short-term rental activity impacts private communities. Becker is conducting a brief survey for community association owners, board members, and management professionals to better understand what’s important to you./p>

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Emotional Support Animals

This survey regarding Emotional Support Animals helps us to gather opinions on a hot button issue for those who live in private residential communities. ESA certificates are currently able to be obtained without the supervision of a doctor, which often leaves neighbors and property managers frustrated. Bill 1128 would require Floridians with an ESA to be certified by an MD and have an emotional or physical ailment documented.

We invite you to take our short questionnaire so that we may better understand what is important to you as community association owners, board members, and management professionals. It is important for us to provide our public policymakers with real data about how issues — like Emotional Support Animals — affect community associations in order that they make the right decisions during the legislative process.

Emotional Support Animals Banner

Hiring your own Public Adjuster

Insurance claims are inevitable in the lifespan of every Florida community. Fully understanding the claims process and navigating the potential land mines is crucial.

This survey addressing your past experience with insurance claims and adjusters is the ultimate survey in our summer series for community association owners, board members, and management professionals. Your participation is fundamental to CALL’s efforts to provide real data to your public policymakers when we discuss the impact legislation has on private communities across Florida. As we head into the most active part of hurricane season, this is the perfect time to have your voice heard on this topic.